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In June 2017 we decided to foray into the battleground of influencer marketing, armed with a alternative-solution and overzealous enthusiasm.

We weren't deliberately setting out to think of a reason to let go of what we were building for and change direction. We weren’t unhappy with what we were doing and weren’t unhappy with the growth we were finding. Throwing the idea to build Platform around with clients was more-so a glimpse of what we could do if we started building it quickly, moved as much of our resources to it, and looked at bringing onboard further financial and human capital.

Again, there was nothing wrong or boring about what we were doing. The social media management company that I started as a school project had grown from myself into a mix of 12 employees and contractors and we were attracting talent and consistent inquiries. The little two-person office we had in Nelson had 5 people cramped into it over the 2017 summer and we had just signed on space in Parnell, Auckland to seat North Island-based team members in. We were working with big, consistent, reliable, challenging clients and we had a clear, upswinging trajectory. Four years of ups and downs with an amazing core team of people, solid work with some amazing clients who took a chance on us when we had nothing: We were finally, consistently growing.

What started as casual whiteboard conversations after work hours quickly consumed my attention and time. I was calling all my tech-head mates and trawling through SAAS startup planning and ‘bibles’ in my spare time, eventually getting to the point where were pulling an entire workday and then pouring many hours into this afterwards. Harry (Ops Director at the time) put a lot of trust in me and took over many of my roles within day-to-day business while I could move forward on this, bringing in contractors to help me ideate and spec the build of our Platform — not to mention doing everything else he could do to help me pull the idea from paper and notes to an actual business plan. While he was almost running the entire agency by himself I pursued this with a small development team and bank of advisors that I would individually chat to every few days. We were so pumped up about the idea and the business model and business plan that we had little attention left for anything outside of the office.

Fast-forward a few months later to November and we had to make a choice. Do we continue building our name in the agency world, doing what we know, what we are known for; or do we throw all time and effort behind bringing this market-ready product to life?

Becoming a SAAS company meant not being able to work with the clients that we previously serviced. It meant me not being able to work with almost all of the same team and do what we were really good at. It meant burning through and bootstrapping all resources that we had left, flattening our little kingdom to galvanise a runway for us to do our thing.


Enter Adduco Platform, a product that provides brands with the fidelity to understand and talk to their perfect customer.

To keep up with changing tides, marketers must learn to provide real-time, relevant value at a moment’s notice. To be ahead of the swell, marketers need to speak to individual personalities and understand their audiences’ identities to truly command attention. This means saying goodbye to the old marketing construct.

Data and machine, rather than human intuition have the upper hand for decision making in today’s attention marketplace.

The rules of marketing have changed and we saw an attractive fungibility in taking our agency resources and turning them into a product that fits those rules — evolving to fit the new construct.

In the U.S., the population spends an average of four hours and 16 minutes per day on the internet through our mobile devices. Not only are we addicted to the internet, we turn to it for our every need. The result of this reality is what has been coined a “mobile mind shift.” Consumers now expect any product, service or piece of information to be put in front of them or to be available at the touch of a finger or sound of a voice command. If a brand is unable to live up to these standards, it is bypassed.

Our internet footprints are vast psychological questionnaires that we are constantly filling out both consciously and unconsciously; relatively untapped treasure chests of data that Adduco draws on to illustrate high-fidelity pictures of their audiences psyche and behaviours. While each source of such information is on it’s own too weak to produce a reliable prediction, when multiple data points are overlayed the resulting predictions become very accurate.

Distilling audience data with Adduco provides brands with the fullest picture of how their audience thinks and in turn interacts with their business. These insights allow you to engage users in real-time through hyper-personalized campaigns. This way you can continuously optimize your marketing and create the loyalty that fuels growth.

We’re pretty damn excited about this — and I hope that this article illustrates why we have turned the excitement and insight into a product that we can put in front of brands and audiences that we previously could not reach as a service-based digital agency.

EDIT - 🚀 we launched on ProductHunt! -

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