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Launched in Nov 2018, Adduco is a Customer Data Platform that helps brands like Samsung, Sony Music and hundreds more understand their customers, deliver content and personalise digital experiences.

CEO + Founder
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Founded in 2018 with Ric Salizzo and Sir John Kirwan, SportsCafe is a media network backed by legendary sports and businesspeople to deliver content that sport fans love to consume.

COO + Co-Founder
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Here’s a wee bit about his past

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Adduco Media

Adduco Media was a social agency that connected brands with Generation Z. Rees founded Adduco when he was fifteen, growing and leading a 12-person team to partner with more than 130 brands in NZ, USA and Asia. Adduco Media worked with SMB’s, Fortune 500's and young influencers, and built a Gen Z-oriented content network that spanned 54 branded communities, produced 90+ posts/day and reached 19m+ people/week.

CEO + Founder / Nov 2012 - Nov 2018



Sustainable hazardous waste and chemical disposal solutions. Founded in 2015 with his family, Rees built the brand and led marketing until HazWaste was acquired by Envirowaste Group in early 2019.

Co-Founder / Jun 2015 - Jan 2019


First Cut Ventures

Rees managed and explored investments in high-impact startups led by young founders. FirstCut sits under the Icehouse, a NZ-based fund with $47m under management.

Partner / Mar 2017 - Aug 2018