Rees is a founder,
creator & social fanatic.

rees vinsen new zealand.png

Rees Vinsen is the CEO/Founder of Adduco, a customer data platform and COO/Co-Founder of SportsCafe, a sports media network. He also consults to select brands across NZ and USA.

From 2012-17 Rees ran Adduco Media, a social agency that delivered entertainment, news and sponsored campaigns to Generation Z audiences. Rees founded the company when he was fifteen, growing and leading his 12-person team to partner with more than 130 brands and Fortune 500's across NZ, Asia and USA.

He also served as a Partner in First Cut, a venture investment fund based in Auckland that invested in high-impact kiwi startups such as Sharesies, Halter and Spalk.

Rees is passionate about building winning teams, products that delight and all things social. He currently works between New Zealand and Austin, Texas.